S. No. Name of State/UT Number of schools participated Number of students participants Number of participants other than students Number of activities
Public Rallies Nukkad nataks Plantation Drives Seminars/ lectures Painting Competitions Debates Any Other Total
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8=sum(1 to 7)
1 Tamil Nadu 9406 728847 33771 6148 624 2499 2045 2216 959 1179 15670

Description: Several programmes across Ministries and Departments have been tackling the issues of malnutrition and anemia for more than 40 years. Though these schemes have made a dent, however, these initiatives have not been able to achieve the desired goals and targets. POSHAN Abhiyaan on one hand looks to synergise all these efforts by leveraging technology to achieve the desired goals and on the other, intends to convert Nutrition Awareness into a Jan Andolan. Poshan Abhiyaan is thus envisioned to be a “Jan Andolan” and a “Janbhagidaari” meaning “People’s Movement”

POSHAN Abhiyaan is not a programme but a Jan Andolan, and Bhagidaari, this programme incorporates inclusive participation of public representatives of local bodies, government departments of the state, social organizations and the public and private sector at large