• The Government of India initiated the National Programme of Nutritional Support to Primary Education (NP-NSPE) on  15th August 1995 as a Centrally Sponsored
    Scheme.  During 1997-1998, the scheme was universalized across all blocks of the country covering children from 1st standard to 5th standard.  During October 2007, the scheme was extended to upper primary classes of 6th standard to 8th standard and the name was changed from ‘National Programme for Nutritional Support to Primary Education’ to ‘National Programme of Mid Day Meal in Schools’.
  • The Government of India provides fund for implementing the scheme with 60:40 sharing pattern between the Centre and State Governments. However, the cost of food grains, its transportation and Monitoring, Management and Evaluation (MME) component is fully borne by  Government of India.  
  • Government of India has fixed the nutritional norm for primary  children as 450 kcal and 12 gms of protein and for upper primary as 700 kcal and 20 gms of protein.  Considering the best interest of the children the State Government  provides  553.30 kcal and 18.12 gms of protein for primary children and  733.86 kcal and  21.64 gms of protein for upper primary children.
  • Government of India provides rice at the rate of `3,000 per MT to children from  1st standard to 8th standard.  In addition, a sum of `750 per Metric tonne is provided as transportation cost.
  • Government of India provides cooking cost (excluding the labour and administrative charges) @ `4.13 for primary and `6.18 for upper primary children.  However, the State Government provides more than the mandatory share of 40% so as to provide nutritious food to children.
Class MDM Norms (60:40) Centre (60%) State (40%) Additional State Contribution Total

(1st to 5th Std.)

4.13 2.48 1.65 2.98 7.11

Upper Primary
(6th to 8th Std.)

6.18 3.71 2.47 1.03 7.21

9th & 10th Std.

100% contribution by State Government 8.78