Beneficiary details

Sanctioned Strength

  • Each Noon Meal Centre has three sanctioned posts of Noon Meal Organiser, Cook and Cook Assistant. But, if the number of Noon Meal beneficiaries in a school exceeds 500, an additional Cook Assistant can be appointed. 
  • Only Women are employed in Noon Meal Programme. 
  • 25% is reserved for special categories like widows and destitute women in the posts under the Noon Meal Programme.
  • 4% is reserved for physically challenged persons for the post of Noon Meal Organiser.

The sanctioned post of Noon Meal Employees and their Minimum / Maximum salary are tabulated below:-

Sl.No. Post Sanctioned post Min. / Max.Salary

Noon Meal Organiser

42,423 10,045–14,770


42,852 6,265 – 7,840

Cook Assistant

42,855 5,110 –  6,160
          Total 1,28,130  

These employees are classified as ‘Part Time Permanent Employees’ with working hours from 9 am to 2 pm.

The Noon Meal Employees are also provided with Special Monthly pension, Lumpsum payment, Festival Advance, Pongal Bonus, Hill allowance and Winter allowance, Special Provident fund Gratuity Scheme, Additional Charge Allowance, Family Benefit Fund, New Health Insurance Scheme, General Provident Fund, Maternity Leave, Voluntary Retirement, Compassionate Ground appointment etc.,

Impact of the Programme

The implementation of the programme has brought a positive change on enrolment, retention and attendance of students in schools. It also enables education of girl children and improves the nutritional status of the children.

A sum of `1,917.25 crore has been allotted in the Budget Estimate for the year 2018-2019.